Time ; Space ; Continuum

In light of the pandemic that has hit us, health isn't the only thing that is at stake. What it has done is given us enough time to reflect on other important aspects of our lives, personal relationships in particular. It has also allowed us to reflect back at the last moments we lived right before the world stood still. The moments I am truely glad I experienced right before the lock-down was implemented in India is what you're about to read. A preface to "Love in the Time of Corona"

Vegan-ism ; The new revolution

How many 'isms' can you name? How many 'isms' has human history gone through? How many more are we going to go through? Is the agenda behind all 'isms' just binary; Good or Bad; Right or Wrong; For or Against an idea? Is there not a grey area to look at these 'isms' from? How important is having an opinion? How important is having a correct opinion? Then again, what is a correct opinion? Are we ready for a heated debate? Are we ready to stop using the word 'no offense'? Have you ever heard the term 'good-racism'? No! because there is no such thing as good-racism, the term is 'ethical-humor'! Makes no sense? try reading this.

A stroll with an aspiring Film-maker

There are moments in my life where I've wondered if I could become an actress. I do have a natural talent for it. There are moments when I've even thought about becoming a vocalist, been in training for as long as I can remember. Not the conventional courses you're thinking of, just self-expression. But then to be able to pick one talent sometimes is a challenge. Do you feel the same way, try reading this.

Plato & Aristotle ; An untold love tale

Is there a kind of good we like for its own sake and also for the sake of what comes from it- knowing, for example, and seeing and being healthy? We welcome such things, I suppose, on both counts || Yes || And do you also see a third kind of good, such as physical training, medical treatment when sick, medicine itself, and the other ways of making money?

An Introduction to Bombay

My second time around living in Bombay started off very differently. I came prepared with all its ugly sides that I'd seen before. But this city gave me so much knowledge before, taught me so much, I wanted to give it another shot. A less crowded churchgate station A friend of mine happened to to… Continue reading An Introduction to Bombay

The Girl who wouldn’t Shut Up

I recently happened to take a flight from Delhi to Bombay. Shared a very interesting conversation with a lovely 43 year old gentlemen, who didn't' shy away from talking about anything. It felt so liberating to sit next to someone who actually was ready to have a healthy debate/discussion rather than listen to crying babies.